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Trump Wins The Nomination… of THMWHC (VIDEO):

Remember the Little Rascals? This is hilarious. They have formed a club called The He Man Woman Haters Club and they want Donald Trump as President: For more fun follow me on Facebook, Twitter and here on My Blog.  

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When Asked If Voting For Donald Trump, Mickey Rourke Said He'd Rather… (VIDEO)

Mickey Rourke joined Deadspin, Neil Young, REM and more in a growing list of people who are finding creative ways of telling Donald Trump what they think of him. While Twitter only allows 140 characters, Deadspin didn’t need that many as … Continue reading

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Middle Class Blue Collar Man Weighs In On Bernie Sanders

A friend of mine posted a rant on Facebook and I felt it was too good to not share. I am doing so with permission:  UPDATE (2/20/2019): Since original publication he is permanently disabled, currently in a wheelchair between surgeries, … Continue reading

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Vic Dibitetto Knows Why Some People Are Against Same Sex Marriage (VIDEO)

This guy needs to get in Kim Davis’ face. Follow me on facebook, twitter and here on my blog.  

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