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Dude Wants To Know WTF Politicians Are Going To Do For The People (VIDEO)

Kyle Kulinski is pissed off. Here he discusses, with great vigor, why he doesn’t like Hillary Clinton or her campaign ads. He wants to know what she is going to do for American people. How is she going to deal with … Continue reading

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John Kasich Just Became The GOP Frontrunner By Acknowledging His Party Members Have Gone Crazy (VIDEO)

John Kasich was caught in an unscripted rant that shows him as the only GOP Presidential candidate that has any sense at all. In fact, he seems rather lucid and able to stream together thoughts that show he can tell … Continue reading

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Avid Hunter Talks Guns, NRA and Massacre Prevention Legislation

A friend of mine, a middle class blue collar man, a single father to a tween daughter, and an avid hunter–even when it’s well below zero–shared some thoughts on guns in America, the NRA and what may or may not be … Continue reading

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