If Presidential Candidates Were Judged By How Popular Their Websites Are…

If a presidential candidate’s campaign/donation website URL’s popularity is any indication of their likelihood to be elected, then their Alexa.com rankings tell an interesting story. I included my own URL just for comparison’s sake since I’m just a girl with a little blog. Anyone ranked lower than me seriously needs to drop out of the race.

There are many more candidates to choose from but I only included those whose names were familiar to me. So, here are how the recognizable candidates are currently ranking according to their campaign/donation website’s popularity:

  1. BernieSanders.com currently ranked at 6,802 of the world’s most popular websites and 1,732 in the United States.


2. HillaryClinton.com is currently ranked 17,128 worldwide and 2,651 in the United States.


3. BenCarson.com is currently ranked 20,254 worldwide but he is at 3,697 in the United States which puts him ahead of Donald Trump.



4. DonaldJTrump.com is currently ranked 18,045 and 6,981 in the United States. (Laughingly, he currently has a position on only four issues.)



5. TedCruz.org is currently ranked 69,024 and at 10,794 in the United States.



6. MarcoRubio.com is ranked 81,136 worldwide, but I put him ahead of Carly Fiorina because he ranks 11,229 in the United States.



7. RandPaul.com ranks 91,479 worldwide, but again I put him ahead of Carly Fiorina because he ranks 23,026–just slightly ahead of her in the United States.


8. CarlyForPresident.com is ranked 78,731 worldwide and 23,447 in the United States.




9. Jeb2016.com is ranked 105,558 worldwide and behind Carly Fiorina at 30,041 in the United States. (I think it’s fair to say that us Americans have had enough Bush.)


10. MikeHuckabee.com is currently ranked 119,475 and 35,197 in the United States. (In case anyone cares what I think… Huckabee is the most dangerous and disingenuous of the lot.)


11. MartinOMalley.com is ranked 263,909 worldwide and at 39,929 in the United States.


12. JohnKasich.com ranks 310,501 worldwide but I put him ahead of Bobby Jindal because Kasich ranks higher, at 61,205, in the United States.


13. BobbyJindal.com ranks 289,412 worldwide and 74,664 in the United States.



14. GirlDuJour.com (yep, this is my little blog) ranks 337,902 of all websites in the world.  Everyone who ranks lower than me needs to go home. Seriously.


15. ChrisChristie.com ranks 390,344 worldwide and 92,340 in the United States. Governor, if you are reading this, go home.


16. RickSantorum.com ranks 600,639 worldwide and 131,617 in the United States. Go home and sit down.


17. LindseyGraham.com (who is second to Mike Huckabee at dangerous and disingenuous in my book) is ranked 822,231 worldwide and 193,103 in the United States. Go home, sit down and shut up you lying warmonger.


18. GeorgePataki.com is ranked 1,017,183 and 241,910 in the United States. To be honest, I recognize the name as a politician but I’m not sure who this guy is and he needs to go home too. I’d tell him to sit down and shut up but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything he’s said.



Anyone who says that Bernie Sanders is a “fringe” candidate or is unelectable or doesn’t have the name recognition…  Website traffic and the sheer number of people donating to his campaign, volunteering for his campaign and showing up at rallies indicates that the majority of Americans (and worldwide website traffic indicates the rest of the world) can indeed #FeelTheBern!

The Revolution will not be televised, it will be liked, shared, tweeted and texted. Bernie Sanders is going to be our next President unless something really unsavory happens. And because he stands for people and not profits, I’m not ruling that out.

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