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Baby's First Bacon Prompts Emotional Response (VIDEO)

Not many people know that December 30th is National Bacon Day. In honor of that I am sharing this video of a baby tasting bacon for the first time. You’re welcome. For more fun follow Girl Du Jour on Facebook, … Continue reading

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Pants Velour Lays Down The Bernie Beat (VIDEO)

Pants Velour compiles a hilarious video to support the Democratic frontrunner and our next President, Bernie Sanders. WATCH: Hot sicker than yo average candidate Bernie ’16 competition can’t handle it Cuz he focused on the issues (true) racial inequality middle class … Continue reading

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WATCH Bernie Troll The Donald (VIDEO)

Watch Bernie Sanders, the Democratic frontrunner and next President Of The United States, troll the biggest embarrassment to our country, Donald Trump. It’s divine: Follow Girl Du Jour on Facebook, Twitter and here on My Blog.

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PROOF That U.S. Fears Of ISIS Are Irrational (FACTS and VIDEO)

Last week a friend and I were discussing what was the single most pressing issue of our present day. (And I asked this again on my facebook page.) Surprisingly, he felt that terrorism was and, even more surprisingly, he was concerned … Continue reading

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The Most Hilarious Cooking Show You Will Ever See (VIDEO)

This is probably the most hilarious cooking video you will ever see. Suitable for the holidays, but not safe for work–unless potty mouth is allowed. This recipe is a vegan version of Turducken, which is typically “a chicken stuffed inside … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders' Campaign Responds To DNC's Continued Shenanigans; Threatens Federal Court (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders’ campaign has been accused of culling Clinton voter data when the vendor, NGP VAN, had a data breach and some of Bernie’s staffers were able to see some of the data for about 40 minutes. Of course, since … Continue reading

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Last Night's Debate Left Me Feeling Ill

Last night as I was waiting for the main debate to air, and then watching it unfold,  it occurred to me that much of the divisiveness in this country is because of the way that politics and politicians are portrayed. Our … Continue reading

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