Pants Velour Lays Down The Bernie Beat (VIDEO)

Pants Velour compiles a hilarious video to support the Democratic frontrunner and our next President, Bernie Sanders.


Hot sicker than yo average candidate
Bernie ’16 competition can’t handle it
Cuz he focused on the issues (true)
racial inequality middle class mis-used
and that ain’t even the half of it
wall street yo you bout to feel the wrath of it
cuz Bernie don’t like when banks get greedy
run out of money then take from the needy
and when it comes to the Super Pac
big Bern gonna give em that super smack
So long are the days of Freddie and Mac
From the White House screaming Where Brooklyn At!!

Bernie Bernie Bernie Can’t you see
I’m Voting for you in 2016
And I just love your Liberal ways
Taking on Trump cuz he too paid

Can’t you see
I’m Voting for you in 2016
And I just love your Liberal ways
That’s why you’ll win the presidency

It’s the same old Bernie in a brand new age
helping the vets and raising minimum wage
real policies to Make America better
coming straight from Vermont and he sharper than cheddar
and the GOP they don’t like that/ healthcare for all they don’t like that
they call him bandaid Bernie cuz he lay in the cut
’2016 Bern Down for What
a political revolution
Bernie run run the crew run run
Democratic socialist so fly like birdie
voters say show me Bernie


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