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Impersonator Does Donald Trump To Tune Of "I Touch Myself" (VIDEO)

This little ditty is much how I see Donald Trump seeing himself. And let me go on the record saying that I hope that I never have to see Donald Trump in any state of undress. Here is a snippet … Continue reading

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Social Media Says "President Sanders" (VIDEO and IMAGES)

Chuck Todd meets with Daniel Seaver at Google News Labs after the Democratic Debate on Sunday. Daniel doesn’t seem surprised what sort of response Bernie is eliciting, but Chuck certainly does. Not only were viewers of the debate researching Bernie the person, … Continue reading

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Russian Press Conference Gets Interrupted By Flying Dildo (VIDEO)

Life can be stressful and humor is one of the best ways to relieve that stress. Some things are inexplicably funny, like farting–or flying dildos. As one person put it, “At least someone gives a flying fuck.” WATCH (I especially … Continue reading

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The Vagina Explained In A Song (VIDEO)

This is a very nice song about vaginas. It’s harmonious, informational and entertaining. And should probably be shared with the elected male members of our legislatures, on the federal, state and local levels. Funny that men are singing this song. I wonder … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Finally #FeelTheBern, Decides He CAN Win (VIDEO)

Mika Brzezinski asks Howard Dean, “Howard, why are you chuckling?” Howard responds, “Because I’ve seen this for 40 years.” Mika, “Whaaaaaaaaaat?” Howard, “People underestimate him.” Mika, “That’s right.” Howard, “He has an incredibly powerful message. He actually… I remember in my … Continue reading

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Why I Love Dogs (VIDEO)

This short video perfectly sums up why I love dogs. WATCH:   For more fun follow Girl Du Jour on Facebook, Twitter and here on My Blog.      

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Black Cloud For My White Friends: Another Inconvenient Truth

This is a VERY IMPORTANT ESSAY from Julian Long that was pointed out to me by a friend: I do not much care for Blaxplaining the way the world works. I get emotionally exhausted trying to answer “why” questions that have … Continue reading

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