The Vagina Explained In A Song (VIDEO)

This is a very nice song about vaginas. It’s harmonious, informational and entertaining. And should probably be shared with the elected male members of our legislatures, on the federal, state and local levels.

Funny that men are singing this song. I wonder if women will be performing a song about the counterparts parts.

WATCH and enjoy:

The vagina is a tubular sex organ
It’s part of the female genital tract
But do you know enough of the facts
About vaginas

Let’s start outside with the labia sisters
Majora and minora make a perfect picture
Through the hymen we go under the clitoris
And take a nice trip around the uterus
On your left you’ll pass the cervix
On the right you’ll see a vulva
Swimmin’ through the fallopian tubes

It’s all part of the vagina

It’s a tubular sex organ
It comes in different shapes and sizes
Let’s write the facts down and organize
The vaginas

It’s the conduit for female intercourse
As well as the childbirthing resource
A house for the process of menstruation
Where the uterine walls shed after monthly gestation
The follicular phase of the ovarian circle
Is where women ovulate and become fertile
Before you know it
We’re back in to the menstrual stage
Because vagina’s routines are an everchanging phase

The vagina is a tubular sex organ
It’s part of the female genital tract
But do you know enough of the facts
About vaginas

During arousal it lubricates itself
Through plasma seepage in the vaginal walls
And when the sperm gets to the egg
It blocks out every other sperm… it’s crazy
All those sperm die
They die in there
And that one, it’s in the little thingy
And it’s like “Whoa, I’m duplicating. I’m duplicating like crazy”
“My life is beginning, sort of
But everyone else’s is ending”
Yeah, well it depends on if it latches on to the uterine wall…
There’s a lot to it.
There’s really a lot to it.
It’s not so simple.
A fertilized egg…
That zygote as a 50-51% chance…
Some sort of percentage of a chance
Of having a vagina…

Na na na na… Vagina!








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