Social Media Says "President Sanders" (VIDEO and IMAGES)

Chuck Todd meets with Daniel Seaver at Google News Labs after the Democratic Debate on Sunday. Daniel doesn’t seem surprised what sort of response Bernie is eliciting, but Chuck certainly does. Not only were viewers of the debate researching Bernie the person, but they were researching what he was saying. People are watching and listening to Bernie Sanders.

This graphic shows that the dominating search in every single state were people searching for Bernie Sanders:

Bernie is most searched candidate

This graphic shows that they were quite interested in learning about Hillary Clinton and her relationship with Goldman Sachs:

Bernie drives traffic about Goldman Sachs

The corporate media may not be showing how many people actually #FeelTheBern but there is no denying the online interest that he’s drawing–which I wrote about a while back.

Watch Chuck Todd with his mouth hanging open over Bernie’s dominance, that the corporate media wants us to ignore. Below this video are some online polls that back this up as well.

I was scrolling through my newsfeed this morning and it “suggested” several polls regarding Sunday nights debate. Just for the entertainment value I decided to vote in several of them. All of them showed an overwhelming support for Bernie at the time that I took them.

One from

Heavy poll

One from

Slate Debate Poll


One from

Syracuse Debate poll


And one from

Time poll

Moral of the story, don’t believe everything you read in the corporate media. It’s ridiculous that his obvious dominance is still being ignored.

The only way Bernie will not be elected president is if you don’t vote for him. And make sure your elected officials (sometimes also knows as delegates and super delegates) know who YOU want as President. #EnoughIsEnough, no more candidates owned by Wall Street and Corporations. We have got to vote in OUR own best interests.

Bernie article


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