Bernie Gets Popular Vote; Hillary Gets Delegates, Because Establishment

The system is rigged, and Bernie rails against it. In another sign of how rigged the system is Bernie Sanders garnered 49.57% of the popular vote (695 votes) in Iowa, versus Hillary Clinton’s 49.86% of the vote (699 votes)–according to which is a difference of four actual votes. This resulted in 22 delegates for Hillary and 21 delegates for Bernie.


However, according to The Guardian:

In Grinnell Ward 1, the precinct where elite liberal arts college Grinnell College is located, 19 delegates were awarded to Bernie Sanders and seven were awarded to Hillary Clinton on caucus night. However, the Iowa Democratic party decided to shift one delegate from Sanders to Clinton on the night and did not notify precinct secretary J Pablo Silva that they had done so. Silva only discovered that this happened the next day, when checking the precinct results in other parts of the county.

According to The Daily Caller (I know, The Daily Caller?!):

The Iowa Democratic Party, which is led by a long-time Hillary Clinton campaign donor, unilaterally shifted a delegate from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton in a precinct located at Grinnell College during Monday’s caucuses, The Guardian is reporting.

Andy McGuire is described as a “pro-choice mother of seven” who served on Hillary Clinton’s National Council of Civic Leaders and Women’s Leadership Council For Team Hillary in 2007. And “everyone knows she’s a strong Clinton ally.”

While that one delegate may or may not make or break the tie, even the Des Moines Register–that endorsed Hillary–says that “Something Smells In the Democratic Party.”

Now let’s move on to New Hampshire where Bernie garnered 60.4% of the vote and 15 delegates, while Hillary garnered 38.0% of the vote and 9 delegates.

sanders won

Combine that with Iowa and Bernie would have a total of 36 delegates and Hillary would have a total of 31 delegates.

But wait! There’s more! There are “super delegates” who are “state party insiders given the freedom to support any candidate they choose” regardless of what the voters want.

In New Hampshire there are 24 “pledged” delegates that are allocated based on the popular/actual vote. 15 have gone to Bernie and 9 have gone to Hillary. In New Hampshire there are also 8 “super” delegates. 6 of those 8 have pledged to Hillary and two, Ray Buckley and Martha Fuller Clark, remain undecided.

According the The Hill, the six that support Hillary include Maggie Hassan, Jeanne Shaheen, Annie Kuster, Joanne Dodwell, Billy Shaheen and Kathy Sullivan. Those six give Hillary 37 delegates, while Bernie, who won in a landslide popular vote, only has 36 delegates–unless the two undecided delegates decide to go with the actual, popular vote.

Because, Establishment. That’s why.

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