GOP Is Rallying Around Ted "Kill The Gays" Cruz; Time For A Closer Look (VIDEOS)

There is a lot to dislike about Ted Cruz. Let’s start with his association with Kevin Swanson, who on live video, advocating killing homosexuals and even pronounced that he was willing to go to jail for adhering “to the word of Christ” at the 2015 National Religious Liberties Conference.  Featured speakers at the event included then-Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz’s father. (in 2013 Rafael Cruz attendees of the Family Leadership Summit that same-sex marriage was government plot to destroy the family.)

Kevin Swanson, after making the declaration that all homosexuals should be killed, introduced Ted Cruz as America’s next President. Cruz later denied knowing anything about that.

WATCH here:

Now let’s move on to Ted Cruz’s support of Kentucky Court Clerk Kim Davis, who refused to sign same sex marriage licenses, because religious freedom!!

While Mike Huckabee tried to steal all the “limelight” in an attempt to win the crazy right wing nut job evangelical vote, Ted Cruz managed to muscle into a few frames of video. (which there are plenty of to choose from.)

WATCH Ted get Huckabee-blocked here:

Let’s also remember that Ted Cruz is endorsed by Domestic Terrorists that bomb family planning clinics. Ted Cruz is very proud of this endorsement and supports them wholeheartedly.

WATCH here:

Ted Cruz also hates muslims.  He claims they all want to kill us and that killing them isn’t murder because killing them is defending ourselves. He said that he wants to “carpet bomb them into oblivion” until the “sand glows”.

WATCH here:
And let’s not forget that Ted Cruz is a climate change denier. Not matter how many facts he is presented with.

WATCH here:

It’s worth  noting that Ted Cruz gets a ZERO rating from Disabled American Veterans. And while he himself has never served, he is on the Armed Services Committee,  yet doesn’t show up for the hearings.

While Cruz enjoys ZERO ratings almost across the board on Foreign Affairs he is on the Emerging Threats and Capabilities Committee. He also has very low ratings on the environment (even being called unfit to run because of his views) but he is on several committees that oversee science, space, oceans, atmosphere, etc.

Today, in closing, let’s not forget that Ted Cruz is a liar.

Which brings us to the question, who is worse Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?

Anything that anyone cares to add to this?


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