Open Letter To Conservatives, Traditionalists, War Hawks and Ignoramuses

Once again, my friend The Devout Atheist has some thoughts that he’d like to share with the world. You might remember some of his previous thoughts on Bernie Sanders and Massacre Prevention Legislation. As usual, a good read :


An open letter to conservatives, traditionalists, Republicans, war hawks, people that don’t follow politics but think they should comment on economic policies, Tea Party morons, Libertarians, regressives, and anyone that makes less than $250,000 per year but still thinks socialism will ruin this country:

You hate on homosexuals because the Bible tells you to. Except that it doesn’t, and it also tells you not to eat shellfish or wear blended clothing. So you’re cherry picking, and being a hypocrite while you do it.

You hate on abortion because you claim you’re protecting the life of the child, and you hate on transgenders using public restrooms because you claim you’re protecting the safety of the child. Except that you aren’t. You vote against gun control, and don’t care how many children die, as long as you get to keep your assault rifle. You also cut funding to education and child health care.

You say you are standing against a war on religion. Except that you aren’t. There is an actual war on the Muslim religion right now, and you not only don’t give a shit about that war, you’re fighting on the wrong side of it. Christians in this country are far more dangerous, but they’re mostly white, so it’s cool.

You say you want to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall to keep them out, because you want to keep this country safe, and they’re taking your jobs. Except that you don’t. You like fighting wars over oil and creating insurgents and rebellions everywhere you go. Also, if your boss gives your job to an immigrant for less money, maybe the problem is that your boss doesn’t give a fuck.

You say you’re against political correctness, and people that have thin skin. Except that you aren’t. You have every intention of forcing Christianity down the throats of everyone who doesn’t want it, demanding that it be the official religion of our country, despite the fact that our forefathers specifically forbade it. Then you delicate flowers desperately need your religion handled with kid gloves, because “Season’s Greetings” is some kind of affront to Christmas (which is a pagan holiday anyway, but your ignorance blocks those kinds of facts).

You say you’re against regulation of the environment to protect against climate change. Except that you don’t. You’re still debating global warming with a snowball, because Exxon and Shell give oil money to your “representatives.”

You say you want fiscal responsibility, and you want to control government spending. Except that you don’t. You believe rich people shouldn’t have to pay any taxes, while the poor pay all of the taxes. You are also fully in favor of spending more than half of our annual budget on bombs, bullets, and weapons of war, having completely neglected the cost/benefit analysis of such endeavors.

You say you want to repeal the Affordable Care Act because it’s a disaster. Except that you don’t. And it’s not. You just want to spite the black guy in the Oval Office, even though you undoubtedly know more people that benefited from the ACA than you do people hurt by it. Plus, you don’t vote for people that give a shit about health care.

You say that socialism is the worst idea ever. Except it’s not. You’re basing your opinions on McCarthyism, Cold War propaganda, and the Red Threat. You already live in a socialist democracy, and your life is immeasurably better thanks to the socialist policies this country has instituted. If you don’t believe this fact, the problem is your ignorance.

You are fucking hypocrites, and you’re too fucking stupid to realize it.

You just want to get your way all the time.

Tough fucking shit. You share this planet with others.




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