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If It Doesn't Seem Quite Right, It Probably Isn't (VIDEO)

Remember this is an election year. I firmly believe that we should everything that is questionable on a daily basis, and even more so during an election. For this particular case study, let’s reference AmericaBlog (a Clinton Supporter and Bernie … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews Admits On LIVE TV That Nomination Will Be Called For Hillary Before Votes Are In (VIDEO)

Shocking! Or maybe we shouldn’t be shocked at all. The obvious bias, voter and election fraud and blatant lies this campaign cycle should have eliminated any ability to surprise even the most callous of us.  However, another day is upon … Continue reading

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Class Warfare, Bacon Sammiches and the Zombernie Trumpocalypse

Apparently America is addicted to bacon. And zombies. This is a new development; I’ve been a fan of the zombie movie genre for my entire life, and I took particular notice the moment that pop culture included George Romero’s world. And … Continue reading

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