Chris Matthews Admits On LIVE TV That Nomination Will Be Called For Hillary Before Votes Are In (VIDEO)

Shocking! Or maybe we shouldn’t be shocked at all. The obvious bias, voter and election fraud and blatant lies this campaign cycle should have eliminated any ability to surprise even the most callous of us.  However, another day is upon us and shocked I am.

Lee Camp points out that Chris Matthews, in a conversation on LIVE television with Jeff Weaver (Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager), admits that they networks are going to announce–BEFORE voting that day is even over and BEFORE the delegates are appointed and BEFORE the superdelegates have voted–will call the nomination for Hillary Clinton. The look on Jeff Weaver’s face is priceless.


I’m told by the experts of numbers around here at MSNBC and elsewhere that come June 7th when they have the California Primary, which your candidate… I totally understand he wants to get to have a chance of knocking off Hillary… a big last hurrah… At 8pm ET the networks will be preparing—including this one—to announce that Hillary Clinton has now gotten over the top, that she will have won the nomination in numbers: it’s done.

What will that do to turnout? It’s 5pm PT, with THREE MORE HOURS to vote in California, who be least likely to vote? Sanders people from 5-8pm? Or Hillary? I’ve heard both theories…



Share this with everyone you know so that they aren’t duped into believing that their vote doesn’t count and that Hillary has this in the bag.


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