Grasping The Tail Of The Middle Class As You Slip Into Poverty? READ THIS:

Back in September my friend, The Devout Atheist, unleashed an epic rant on the state of our country and how it has affected him and his family, who live in Michigan.

He discusses the wages that are paid versus the cost to live there. He discusses education and chasing a degree so he can, hopefully, one make a more livable wage and not have to put his life and health at risk for pennies to barely feed his family. He discusses the brainwashing that the RWNJs have used to twist the Second Amendment into meaning something it was never intended. He discusses money and corruption in politics.

And then he discusses Bernie Sanders.

Since then a lot has happened, life goes on and continues to wreak havoc upon him and his family. He has asked me to share this with you, to see how many of you can relate to his story:

It’s surprising how much of this corporate media control and ‘inevitable’ coronation process is above ground; even admitting on National television that they are going to announce that Hillary has already won before the votes are cast and question which voters–Hillary’s or Bernie’s–will give up and not vote. They ALL do it. Bernie told us back when he started that they would push back, and that they would use just these tactics. But we didn’t know how bad it would get. Yet he never waivers. Bernie never backs down.

All of the research I had originally done to select Bernie as my candidate still holds true. All of the things that turned up on Hillary then are still as true of her now, and show her intent, her dirty ties, her flip-flopping, and the danger that she poses to society. Nothing has changed.

For me, however, things have changed a bit. My girlfriend has had two strokes (numbers three and four) since September, and thank goodness for Medicaid. Rare blood disorder. Physical debilitation. Unable to work. Unable to drive. Lots of expensive medicine. Weekly blood draws. Therapy full time. Constant specialist visits, never right around the corner. Republican state denied her disability claim.

They told her she hasn’t worked long enough.

There is no way her two daughters will be able to continue going to the same school, having the same friends, being able to eat, having clothes that fit, a house to keep them safe, and the medical care necessary to keep their mother alive.

It’s a constant struggle. The insurance companies still prefer to not give absolutely one iota more medical care than absolutely necessary, and will cut off any therapies or medicines the moment their spreadsheets tell them the cost-benefit analysis doesn’t profit them anymore.

For myself, I have not worked since February, and am raising my son with no income of my own, aside from the modest charity of loved ones (and the sale of my lifetime collection of professional tools, which a spinal injury prevents me from using)…

Dehumanizing. Demoralizing. Emasculating.

Sure would be great if my DHS caseworker would return my phone calls. It would be great if I could stock my refrigerator with some milk and eggs and bread. But our Republican Governor, Rick Snyder, is still in the same office he was before the whole world found out what he had done to poison us. If he doesn’t care about lead in the water, what do you think he cares about my upcoming spinal surgery? What do you think he cares about my car payment? My living arrangements? What about the fact that my spinal surgery means NO ONE in my family can drive?

What do you think his conservative ass cares about my transgender son, who can afford no surgery?

Do you think Hillary does?

Do you think Trump does?

One thing, however, has not changed at all since September.

Bernie cares.
Bernie wants my son to go to college. Bernie doesn’t want my son to die in combat.
Bernie wants my son to get quality medical care, and to actually be able to follow through on his wishes for gender reassignment surgery.

Do you think Hillary cares about that? 
Do you think Trump cares about that?

Again, Bernie does.
Still, Bernie does.

Virgin Islands, feel that bern.
Puerto Rico, rise up.
New Jersey, you’re on.
Montana, we need you.
North & South Dakota, step forward.
New Mexico, show them what’s up.
DC, you can bring this home.

California, BERN IT DOWN.

We can change the world, but we just have to have a little bit of wisdom, to look past what we’ve been told by the people that profit from controlling our information and energy at the expense of our children, our health, our rights, and our planet.

A little bit of moxie, to take one of those big, bold, scary FDR steps that can bring the balance back to capitalism, without driving people into poverty.

A little bit of humility, to learn from our segregated and hateful past, because we can see our connected and hopeful future.

And the dedication to follow through.

Like Bernie has.



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