How Life Would Be If Auto Or Home Insurance Was Like Health Insurance (VIDEO)

The idea that insurance companies dictate what type of health care we receive, how much and when is totally ridiculous. Health insurance companies are in the business of providing insurance, not health care. They are not medical professionals. No medical training whatsoever. So why are they calling the shots?

Before the Affordable Care Act (also referred to as Obamacare) was implemented health insurance companies were actually allowed to deny you health insurance altogether–especially if you actually needed care. If you were perfectly healthy, no problem! You can have all the insurance you want–for cheap too!

Kind of like lenders… if you need money, it’s next to impossible to get it. But if you have lots of money, then they will lend you some of theirs. But I digress…

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act more and more people are insured, and paying premiums, than ever before. Which means that the health insurance industry is seeing record profits. BUT because people are actually using their insurance now–now that insurance policies actually provide coverage instead of just collecting premiums–and dust–the health insurance industry is not seeing the profits they anticipated. Record profits, mind you, but not what they forecasted.

Therefore, they are increasing premiums and reducing benefits, trying everything they can to get out of complying with the law for the sole purpose of increasing their profits.

Can you imagine if you got in a wreck and your auto insurer said, “You know, the car still drives, so we are denying the claim to repair your vehicle.” It would look something like this:

or this:

or this:

And if home insurance did the same, if they simply told homeowners that they didn’t feel that the repairs they were requesting were something the insurance companies deemed necessary or covered. How would that look?

After all this person should have known better than to want to live on the coast:


And this person… what they hell were they thinking when they bought a house near a tree??? After all, trees can fall!!!


And this Alabama homeowner… hell, they were probably gay and the lord wasn’t having any of that, so your insurance claim? DENIED!


Insurance for THINGS is more readily available, less expensive, with better coverage than it is for people and their health. How fucked up is THAT?

And this is all perfectly legal!


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