Presidential Candidates Social Media Numbers

Fearful that if he is heard he will win, the ongoing media black out of Bernie is quite frustrating… and probably illegal. Seems that not only should there public elections with no donor money involved, but the media should be covering each candidate equally and unbiased. If the truth is unflattering, the candidate is responsible for their own truth.

It got me wondering who has social media numbers. Now we all know that not all followers of a twitter account or facebook page are real, or in favor of the candidate. And I can tell you for sure, from personal experience, that certain posts, people and pages, get throttled.

That said, people or trolls follow people or accounts because they have some sort of interest in them one way or the other.

This is what I found as of this writing:

Donald Trump 24,633,132 66,966,475 $97,779,039 unavilable
Pres. Donald Trump 2,903,651 27,149,210
Bernie Sanders 5,173,143 10,018,558 $74,373,745 4,000,000+
Senator Sanders 7,477,582 8,813,592
Elizabeth Warren 3,346,780 3,501,017 $60,339,947 509,000
Senator Warren 3,387,252 5,497,959
Joe Biden 1,500,366 3,961,947 $37,785,261 unavailable
Biden 2020 10,635
Pete Buttigieg 505,231 1,554,292 $51,549,046 580,000
Mayor Pete Buttigieg 108,459


Naturally any president is going to have more eyeballs and scrutiny and access than anyone else, but it is important to note that Bernie FAR exceeds the other candidates in terms of interest. Yet he doesn’t get even half the media coverage of the other candidates.

I firmly believe that Bernie Sanders is the ONLY candidate that can beat Donald Trump. From what I’ve seen he is the ONLY candidate that has the enthusiasm and the ground game to match that of Donald Trump.

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