23 thoughts on “About Girl Du Jour

  1. This is the message I sent to Kathleen Parker:
    Ms. Parker,
    I often read your column and in most instances I don’t agree with you, (I’m an avid Obama supporter and lifelong Democrat) but I was moved by your column today. Our country is in trouble when an opposing view can’t even be voiced without threats of violence or mayhem. I agree with you that Gov. Palin is unqualified, but to have others in her party make threats against you for voicing an opinion is unforgivable. Keep up the good fight, I’ll continue to disagree with you, but your voice should be heard.


  2. that sucks that you had to go anonymous after threats from what you posted. i haven’t really been harassed [yet] although i do get a lot of comments from the “obama is a terrorist” crowd. i like it– it keeps me motivated 🙂

    happy blogging!


  3. I’m a slug that hasn’t made an entry on my blog in ages, but I really do like the idea of a healthy, yummy food blog. What do you think?


  4. And besides, if you had to choose someone else as a persona, who would it be? Miss Raqhel is a great one. I might be Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, or….?


  5. I have actually thought about that. I chose Raquel Welch because she’s sort of a hot chick and super heroine all rolled into one. She never seemed to take herself too seriously.


  6. Very mysterious…the bastards. This is all Rush Limbaugh’s fault….and Bill O’Reilly’s…and Geraldo (Jackass) Rivera…


  7. Ditto. As did I. I had to move as well. Hiding in the mountains and growing a beard. I am the consultant in the forest. Bears are safer. Best wishes.


  8. Wow. I love your blog.
    Thank you for taking the time to write and share!

    I’m, officially, a subscribed fan!


  9. Are you progressive? Are you really opened-minded? If so, why do you block people who try to dialogue with you who have an opposing thought or viewpoint? Isn’t that kind of narrow-mindedness the same thing that the right wing is criticized for by liberals? Ironic when I voiced an opinion that differed from yours, you blocked me and removed my comments from your Facebook page. Good to know that you aren’t really the progressive you want people to believe you are. Because if you were, you would not be intimidated by thoughts different than your own.


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