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Buckle The Fuck Up; We Have A Truth Bomb

One of my friends shared this and I researched and researched until I found the actual author, LaMonte M. Fowler, because many people are kinda taking credit for it themselves.  That said, buckle the fuck up: I feel the need … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Finally #FeelTheBern, Decides He CAN Win (VIDEO)

Mika Brzezinski asks Howard Dean, “Howard, why are you chuckling?” Howard responds, “Because I’ve seen this for 40 years.” Mika, “Whaaaaaaaaaat?” Howard, “People underestimate him.” Mika, “That’s right.” Howard, “He has an incredibly powerful message. He actually… I remember in my … Continue reading

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BIZARRE: Fiorina Makes Video Telling Her Dogs POTUS Ate Their Cousin

In case you are on the fence about Carly Fiorina this video should remove all doubt. For some reason she made a video of herself and her dogs on a sofa and tells them, “You know, President Obama ate one … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Gives Marathon "Speech", Loses His Mind (VIDEO)

This is one of the most painful things I have ever endured. While I’ve never been a fan of Trump–ever–this rambling is one of the damnedest things I’ve ever subjected myself to. You have to see it to understand because … Continue reading

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