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Buckle The Fuck Up; We Have A Truth Bomb

One of my friends shared this and I researched and researched until I found the actual author, LaMonte M. Fowler, because many people are kinda taking credit for it themselves.  That said, buckle the fuck up: I feel the need … Continue reading

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Woman Tweets About Violence And Threats While Working At Planned Parenthood

A woman named Bryn Greenwood worked at a Planned Parenthood in Kansas from 1996-1999 and she is feeling passionate about what was happening then, and what continues to happen today. She unleashed a twitter storm that everyone should see. We … Continue reading

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Avid Hunter Talks Guns, NRA and Massacre Prevention Legislation

A friend of mine, a middle class blue collar man, a single father to a tween daughter, and an avid hunter–even when it’s well below zero–shared some thoughts on guns in America, the NRA and what may or may not be … Continue reading

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Australian Comedian Blows Gun Nuts Away With Facts (VIDEO)

“Your First Amendment means I can say your Second Amendment sucks dicks! And unless you’re an American Indian, you’re a fucking immigrant as well! So, fuck off!” Jim Jefferies is an Australian comedian who experienced a home invasion when he … Continue reading

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