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Grasping The Tail Of The Middle Class As You Slip Into Poverty? READ THIS:

Back in September my friend, The Devout Atheist, unleashed an epic rant on the state of our country and how it has affected him and his family, who live in Michigan. He discusses the wages that are paid versus the … Continue reading

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Class Warfare, Bacon Sammiches and the Zombernie Trumpocalypse

Apparently America is addicted to bacon. And zombies. This is a new development; I’veĀ been a fan of the zombie movie genre for my entire life, and I took particular notice the moment that pop culture included George Romero’s world. And … Continue reading

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$15 Minimum Wage Is NOT A Job Killer (And It Shouldn't Increase The Cost Of Your Burger Either)

Apparently, former McDonald’s CEO, Ed Rensi, has jumped on the $15-per-hour-will-kill-jobs bandwagon. Let’s think about that for a moment. This is the same Ed Rensi that, according to, received almost $500,000 in 2014 for being CEO of Famous Dave’s. … Continue reading

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