If It Doesn't Seem Quite Right, It Probably Isn't (VIDEO)

Remember this is an election year.

I firmly believe that we should everything that is questionable on a daily basis, and even more so during an election. For this particular case study, let’s reference AmericaBlog (a Clinton Supporter and Bernie Basher) taking a situation out of context trying to make Bernie look bad.

Let’s start with a little history…

In September 2015 Bernie Sanders and Elijah Cummings introduced federal legislation to lower the price of pharmaceuticals, stating correctly:

Americans, who already pay the highest prices for prescription drugs in the world, saw prices jump more than 12 percent last year, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. That increase was more than double the rise in overall medical costs. Nearly one in five Americans did not fill a prescription last year because they could not afford it.

In October 2015 Martin Shkreli purchased the rights to the AIDS drug Daraprim and jacked up the price to $750 per pill. Bernie publicly denounced Shkreli and his actions and rejected a donation that Shkreli gave him, donating it to an HIV Clinic.

Fast forward to March 2016 and Hillary Clinton praises Nancy Reagan’s work for AIDS victims, and faces a huge backlash from AIDS activists, including Peter Staley. Staley has been a huge supporter of Clinton and she fell all over herself apologizing for her gaffe.

The group also invited Bernie Sanders to speak with them. Following the meeting on May 25, 2016 the Sanders campaign issued a press release about the meeting and California’s “Drug Price Relief Act.” In it the campaign states, in part:

The ballot proposition Sanders supports – the California Drug Price Relief Act – is supported by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and National Nurses United, both headquartered in Oakland, California. The measure would prohibit the state from paying more for a prescription drug than the lowest price paid for the same drug by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. It would make sure that state taxpayers will no longer be ripped off by pharmaceutical companies that charge exorbitant prices for AIDS treatments and other prescription drugs. “We think it’s a great start and we applaud the people of California for standing up to the pharmaceutical industry,” Sanders said afterward.

At the meeting, Sanders noted that he has introduced a plan to lower costs for HIV/AIDS drugs. His measure would establish a prize fund to provide incentives for drug makers to develop new treatments. Unlike the current system that lets drug makers charge the highest prices in the world for medicine sold in the United States, medical breakthroughs made under the prize fund system would make the new drugs available to the public at affordable prices.

The group, HousingWorks, issued a response to the Sanders campaign release stating, in part:

Your campaign’s release title and the bulk of its content mislead readers and the press to believe that our May 25 meeting was primarily focused on your endorsement of a California ballot initiative on HIV drug pricing. By extension, it also implies that our national HIV/AIDS coalition also fully endorses this initiative. Both these characterizations are inaccurate.

During the meeting, we raised the issue of the California ballot initiative with you toward the tail end of the discussion, not to support or endorse it, but to relay to you that a number of stakeholders in California have serious concerns about the initiative. There is no general consensus in the HIV/AIDS community in support of the California ballot initiative, which is why we requested that you meet with those stakeholders. Prior to our meeting, numerous California organizations have tried to reach your campaign with these concerns, without any success.

Peter Staley also posted May 26, 2016 on Facebook that he felt used and abused by the Sanders campaign because of that release, and that he didn’t feel that it accurately represented  how he pictured the meeting.

Then, of course, on May 27, 2016 Peter Staley took to twitter and Warren Gunnels, from the Sanders campaign responded linking to this article:



Dan Savage (a Clinton supporter) called the above tweet an “attack” and “appalling.”

On May 29, 2016 Staley (a Clinton supporter) spoke glowingly of Sanders and described in an interview on MSNBC and said “frankly we’d love to get back to the fact that we had a fairly productive meeting with the candidate himself, and it went well and he said some great stuff. We want to continue that dialog and we want him to be a part of a very important progressive movement to keep HIV/AIDS in the foreground.”

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Chris Matthews Admits On LIVE TV That Nomination Will Be Called For Hillary Before Votes Are In (VIDEO)

Shocking! Or maybe we shouldn’t be shocked at all. The obvious bias, voter and election fraud and blatant lies this campaign cycle should have eliminated any ability to surprise even the most callous of us.  However, another day is upon us and shocked I am.

Lee Camp points out that Chris Matthews, in a conversation on LIVE television with Jeff Weaver (Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager), admits that they networks are going to announce–BEFORE voting that day is even over and BEFORE the delegates are appointed and BEFORE the superdelegates have voted–will call the nomination for Hillary Clinton. The look on Jeff Weaver’s face is priceless.


I’m told by the experts of numbers around here at MSNBC and elsewhere that come June 7th when they have the California Primary, which your candidate… I totally understand he wants to get to have a chance of knocking off Hillary… a big last hurrah… At 8pm ET the networks will be preparing—including this one—to announce that Hillary Clinton has now gotten over the top, that she will have won the nomination in numbers: it’s done.

What will that do to turnout? It’s 5pm PT, with THREE MORE HOURS to vote in California, who be least likely to vote? Sanders people from 5-8pm? Or Hillary? I’ve heard both theories…



Share this with everyone you know so that they aren’t duped into believing that their vote doesn’t count and that Hillary has this in the bag.


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Class Warfare, Bacon Sammiches and the Zombernie Trumpocalypse

Apparently America is addicted to bacon. And zombies. This is a new development; I’ve been a fan of the zombie movie genre for my entire life, and I took particular notice the moment that pop culture included George Romero’s world.

And it’s not like it’s just movies. People have Z-Teams. Bug-out bags. Survival kits. When we gather to discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead, we talk about the farm. Or the prison. Or the camp in the woods. Or Alexandria.

I bet you know someone that owns a machete. I bet he’s actually HOPING for a zombie apocalypse. I know I am.

And bacon? Come on. I’m sure you remember last year when it was announced that bacon is “probably carcinogenic”, and you also recognize this sentence is the first time since then it even entered your mind.

occupy bacon

But seriously…  Pull out your phone and Google “bacon” to see how many entries come up. Now try and imagine how many books your local library has with the word “bacon” in their titles. This is also a new development. And it also shows a ‘fuck it’ mentality.

Some years ago, I stumbled across the (rather obvious now) correlation between Millennial Indifference and Handheld Internet.

Basically, the idea is that as an entire generation was brought up to find answers in their pockets without tedious trips to the library, the culture in our youth has been one of laziness. If you can connect with your friends on FaceTime or Skype, you probably don’t even need to know how to ride a bike these days.

Can the adults reading this imagine such a thing? Having friendships with people you only saw at school? Not wanting to go outside? Book reports without study groups, meeting your friends at the library?

And how could it have any effect other than instilling a lack of work ethic? What other outcome could we possibly have expected?

Well, how about President Trump?

Let me explain. There’s more at play here than electoral stupidity, though that’s a factor.

Chris Rock once spoke of the glorification of ignorance. George Carlin called out the ignorance in our population as a direct cause of the corruption in Washington. Even Carl Sagan knew we were headed in a dangerous direction, where our society depends on science and technology, yet preaches pseudoscience and demonizes skepticism.

But we can’t blame Trump on the ignorance of millennials; the exit polls show clear as day that older folks are ignorant, too. Besides, it’s hard to blame the younger generation for voting in a celebrity; you old geezers put Reagan in office.

If you still think Reagan was anything other than an incompetent liar, you’re lost to ignorance. It doesn’t matter whether you vote Trump or Clinton, you obviously choose name recognition over anything else.

Which is why you’re going extinct.

Trump voters and Hillary voters are either those so hopelessly locked into the system that they can’t even see the system, or they are those who think that just because their favorite channel has “news” in its title somewhere, they have some kind of monopoly on the truth.

But what about Bernie supporters? Are we delusional? Do we really think this communist from New England has any right to try and let people vote for him?!? Heavens to Betsy! The NERVE! And the math! He can’t even get to 2,383!!! Just drop out already! Your freeloading supporters just want handouts! Besides, she has 3 million more votes than Bernie!

1. He’s a “Democratic Socialist“. Not a socialist, and not a communist. When you fail to understand the distinction, you broadcast your ignorance.

2. He’s from Brooklyn, and he has the highest favorability rating of any congressman in FIFTY YEARS. The people he has represented LOVE HIM. Maybe they’re worth hearing.

3. It’s true. It’d be damn near impossible for Bernie to reach 2,383 pledged delegates. But have you done HER math? She can’t either; not without her bought cronies fixing elections.

4. She didn’t drop out in 2008 until June, and his message is WAY more important than her coronation.

5. For the last motherfucking time; it’s not free stuff, we don’t want handouts, and they’re not entitlements. They’re social programs we have either A. long been paying for but had politicians gut them for personal gain, or B. better expenditures of our money than current contracts. You’d rather have regime changes for oil profits than educated children? You’d rather have mass graveyards of both children from war AND obsolete military technology from bloated government defense contracts? You’d rather Wall Street traders avoid a two-cent fee on trades than your children have a competitive public education?

6. Pay attention. This is a big one, and I’m fucking SICK of it. Hillary stands up there, on national television, and tells you that she has 3 million more votes than Bernie. She’s lying through her teeth to you, and she knows it. Let me explain. The total popular vote count during the primary election cycle counts only actual votes cast on actual ballots, in primary elections. If you filled in a box for a presidential candidate, you voted one time. That vote counts towards her supposed 3 million vote lead, or Bernie’s supposed 3 million vote deficit. But that’s only primary elections, not caucuses. Caucasus require a larger portion of time, dedication, enthusiasm, passion, work, and interest in politics. Caucuses do not count towards that vote, except as a total state count. The 3 million vote lead does not count the millions of people who have caucused, which Bernie tends to win overwhelmingly. WaPo did a breakdown, but under some very biased terms; not surprising, if campaign contributions are any indication.

So what gives? It’s not just millennials voting for Bernie, and it’s not just seniors voting for Trump. Why? I’ve just showed you the evidence that Bernie supporters aren’t stupid, and that voting for a celebrity isn’t a new concept.

What does this signify?

It’s absolutely true that Bernie supporters and Trump supporters have one thing in common: they’re sick of this system.

Why vote for an establishment candidate? Are you happy with your options? Do you enjoy a paycheck-to-paycheck existence? Is it cool with you that you’re one accidental injury away from bankruptcy and homelessness? That ANYONE is?

Hoping for a zombie apocalypse is sometimes just a masked desire to shoot people; sometimes it’s a faith in one’s abilities over a system that isn’t cutting it. For me, I’d rather see a world where the strong (and their loved ones) survive, and the rich get eaten. Because fuck this shit.

Eating excessive bacon is arguably as bad for me as smoking, but I do both. Why? Well, why not? The rich are ruining this planet, and it’s not like we’ll be able breathe outdoors in thirty years anyway. Three minutes of delicious, or five minutes of calm? That’s more than your government wants you to have.

Trump for President. Wow. You fucking people are stupid. But who can argue? They’re all the same. They’re not working for you. So it might as well be entertaining, right? Horrible thinking, but hard to blame them. The establishment isn’t exactly giving us the best of the best to choose from.

But Bernie Sanders.

Oh, Bernie.

Finally someone with our interests in mind. Consistent throughout his career, loved, respected on both sides the aisle, experienced (more so than any other candidate), and actually capable of getting his plans accomplished.

Millennials, Trump supporters, Bernie supporters, bacon lovers, zombie fans… The common thread is obvious.

This country collectively has thrown its hands up and said “Fuck this system.”

But Bernie has actual solutions.

Please don’t fuck this up.

This is a guest post by my friend The Devout Atheist. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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This Is For Anyone Who Is Against The #BernieOrBust Movement (Op-Ed)

This is for anyone who is against the ‪#‎BernieOrBust‬ movement.

This is for anyone who has ever used the phrase “guarantee a Trump presidency.”

This is for anyone who wants to unify the Democrats.

This is for anyone who thinks Hillary would be a good president.

This is for anyone who thinks Trump would be a good president.

This is for anyone who thinks ‘splitting the ticket’ should be a concern when I step into the voting booth to cast the most important ballot of my life.


Once again, my friend The Devout Atheist, wants to share some thoughts with the world:

You’re not blaming me. This isn’t my doing. I didn’t screw this system up, and I’m actively trying to fix it.

An honest guy is running, and I voted for him.
I rallied for him.
I donated to him, several times.
I’ve made t-shirts.
I’ve covered my vehicle in stickers.
I have never been so energized or excited about an election in my life, and I don’t expect to be for a long time to come.
I am a well informed voter, keeping myself abreast of the political climate, the economy, foreign policy, domestic policy, equal rights, workers rights, and every other political issue that I can possibly think of. I like to stay informed. I like to learn. I like to know that when I cast my vote, I am doing the absolute best for my country that I can. It’s the only power I have. I want to use it well.

So don’t talk to me like I don’t understand what voting for anybody but the main two party candidates can do to the system.

You make the mistake of thinking I don’t actually want to do that to your system.

You cannot complain about the system while turning your head away from the very thing that keeps the system going.

Voting for one of the main party candidates will result only in perpetuating the system. I have no interest in that. I’m stunned that you do.

I’m not casting a vote for Bernie Sanders because I want to shake up the system. I’m casting a vote for Bernie Sanders because I want to dismantle it.

I’m not casting a vote for Bernie Sanders to send a message to the DNC. I’m casting a vote for Bernie Sanders to send a message to the entire political system.

I’m not casting a vote for Bernie Sanders as a protest. I’m casting a vote for Bernie Sanders as a hope.

I’m not casting a vote for Bernie Sanders because I want free stuff. I’m casting a vote for Bernie Sanders because I want the stuff I’ve already paid for.

I’m not casting a vote for Bernie Sanders because I don’t like Hillary (although I don’t).
I’m voting for Bernie Sanders because I love him.



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$15 Minimum Wage Is NOT A Job Killer (And It Shouldn't Increase The Cost Of Your Burger Either)

Apparently, former McDonald’s CEO, Ed Rensi, has jumped on the $15-per-hour-will-kill-jobs bandwagon. Let’s think about that for a moment.

This is the same Ed Rensi that, according to Salary.com, received almost $500,000 in 2014 for being CEO of Famous Dave’s. That’s almost $230 per hour–nor is it his entire compensation. (That didn’t last long, though. After only 17 months he was canned for running it further into the ground.)

But that’s only part of what really angers me. These large corporations and their franchisees make ridiculously huge sums of money while paying their employees starvation wages.

According to FranchiseTimes.com McDonald’s ranks #1 in “system sales” at $87,786,000,000. That’s right almost $90BILLION–about the same amount of money the Koch Brothers are spending on this election cycle.

Coming in second, is 7-Eleven at $84.5BILLION.

Third is KFC at $23.4BILLION.

Fourth is Subway at $18.2BILLION.

Fifth is Burger King at just over $17BILLION.

Followed by Ace Hardware, Hertz Rent A Car, Pizza Hut, Marriot Hotels and Resorts and Wendy’s ranking #10 at $9.3BILLION. It goes on and on.

Yum! Brands Inc. which includes other franchises like A&W, Domino’s, Chipotle, Dunkin Doughnuts, El Pollo Loco, Jack in the Box, KFC, Long John Silver’s, Papa John’s, Pap Murphy’s, Pizza Hut, Popeye’s and Wendy’s. Currently trading on NYSE at $82.01 per share.

Yum’s CEO was compensated $22MILLION in 2013. Or about $10,577 per hour–or 705 times greater than $15. There is no need to for one person to be compensated like that when he’s probably never even assembled a taco.

Then there’s Tilman Fertitta, who owns Landry’s which is comprised of “Chart House, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Morton’s Steakhouse, McCormick & Schmick’s and Mastro’s. Add to that the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, amusement parks, lodging properties and affiliated businesses.”

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, his personal net worth as of last year was $2.5BILLION.

Greg Flynn is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Flynn Restaurant Group, “the nation’s largest franchise company, generating about $1.4 billion in annual sales through its two subsidiaries, Apple American Group LLC, with 470 Applebee’s restaurants, and Bell American Group LLC, with 170 Taco Bell restaurants.”

Nation’s Restaurant News says that he is notable because he is the first domestic franchisee valued at more than $1BILLION.

These people are flying around in private jets for crying out loud. If they cut their own pay in half they would still be extremely wealthy. There is no reason they can’t pay a living wage and not even have to increase the price of their goods and services.

Small mom and pop shops might have to increase their prices but there are certainly people like me that go out of their way to shop at small businesses, even if it costs a bit more. And I am far from wealthy.

And let’s not get started on how much it costs taxpayers to assist in feeding, housing and caring for their employees when they fall ill. Walmart alone costs taxpayers $6.2BILLION per year to subsidize their greed.

Much like politicians, it’s thumbing their nose in our faces, particularly when all this information is so readily available to prove their greed and guilt.

Also worth noting, low wage workers (and $15 per hour is a very low wage, taking home only about $2K per month if you work full time) spend ALL of their income, stimulating the economies in which they live. The people and corporations listed above hide their wealth in other countries, helping no one but themselves.

Nick Hanauer points out:

Economic prosperity doesn’t trickle down, and neither does civic prosperity. Both are middle-out phenomena. When workers earn enough from one job to live on, they are far more likely to be contributors to civic prosperity — in your community. Parents who need only one job, not two or three to get by, can be available to help their kids with homework and keep them out of trouble — in your school. They can look out for you and your neighbors, volunteer, and contribute — in your school and church. Our prosperity does not all come home in our paycheck. Living in a community of people who are paid enough to contribute to your community, rather than require its help, may be more important than your salary. Prosperity and poverty are like viruses. They infect us all — for good or ill.

What are we going to do about it? Are we going to continue to let them abuse the rest of us?

It’s time for people to start really thinking and stop parroting talking points, like the increase in the cost of a burger if wages go up. Because that is ridiculous.






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It's Not LGBT Rights, It's HUMAN Rights

I am the single father of a 15 year old transgender teen boy, and would like to clear some things up.

My friend, The Devout Atheist, would like to share his experience raising a transgender teen. It’s a very interesting read:

Even those of you who consider yourselves tolerant of this issue must recognize that you do not understand it; there is a lot of gray area in the subject of transgender equality, and it is my intent to help decipher it for those on the outside that wish to be supportive, tolerant, or understanding.

First off, we must all agree that if you will admit sexuality is not black and white but a sliding scale, then it should be a simple jump to grasp gender is the same.

Some people are gay, some people are straight, some people are bisexual, some people are asexual, some people are pansexual, and some people are things that we don’t have labels for. Honestly, the label is the problem. A person should be addressed in the way they request, and what you think about it is irrelevant.

Have you ever met someone that you thought at a glance was a man, only to discover embarrassingly that it was a woman? Her voice was higher than you expected, and she was introduced as Michelle (or whatever), and you immediately let go of your previous misconception. Being told she was a woman was enough for you.

What’s the difference? Let me help you; there isn’t one.

Once we’re at the point of admitting these things, then understanding may begin. If the entire extent of your knowledge and experience about transexuals and transgenders is what you’ve read about on Facebook or seen on a porn website, you’re not much of an authority. Since I live with this on a day-to-day basis, I’m going to hereby declare myself more of an authority on this subject than you are. I am not trying to give a holier-than-thou speech, merely listing credentials that give me some perspective you likely lack.

Let’s start out by discussing how the genitals are related to being transgender. Are you ready? Here goes: They’re not. Moving on.

No, I’m serious. The genitals you were born with, and the genitals you possess now, really have nothing to do with your gender identity. If you are born with a vagina and feel like a boy, your gender identity can be decided by how you feel. If you are born with a penis and feel like a boy, it’s absolutely no different. The only part that changes the perception is the culture that buys baseball gloves and toy guns for penises, and buys dolls and makeup for vaginas. The genetics that were put in place to create the body that you have does not relate to the way your mind works. If your mind would make you happier in one instance as opposed to another, generally speaking, you would choose the instance that provides you happiness. Nobody is going to tell my son what body will make him happy, whole, or human.

We do this all the time. When you go to McDonald’s, you don’t pick your food based on caloric intake and health concerns, nor is nutritional content high on your list. You’re at McDonalds. You buy what you like. It tastes good. It makes you happy. If someone asks you why you like it, you tell them because it tastes good. I’ll ask the straight men this, because it’s easy: Do you like being straight? Do you enjoy having a penis? Of course you do.

The debate about transgenders in today’s culture and media is exactly like this. Someone who is not eating your McDonald’s and is not paying for your McDonald’s has no say in what you order.

With gender identity, much the same can be said. None of you reading this has any right to tell my son who he can fall in love with. None of you have any right to tell my son what gender he should be attracted to. However, for some reason, it seems that the general consensus is that since he is my son, he must have a penis. He must not have breasts. This is a horrible misconception, as it pigeonholes my son into what you think should make him happy.

The very essence of being transgender is that how you were born does not make you happy, and since the pursuit of happiness is specifically listed as an inalienable right in this country, your opinions on how he should fit your preconceived notions are not relevant. My son is pansexual. Not bisexual, which is an attraction to either straight or bi males and straight or bi females. This means that my son does not consider your sexuality when deciding if he is attracted to you or not. If you are not interested in my son, this does not mean you have to get gay-married. If he thinks you’re attractive, this does not make you gay.

If you think he should have a penis because we use words like he and him, then you don’t understand the difference between gender and genitals. Genitals are sex characteristics determined by your chromosomes. Gender identity is a much more fluid concept, and has nothing to do with the body you were born into.

If you were born into a body that does not suit your gender, in many cases being acknowledged as the gender that makes you comfortable is enough. As a pansexual, my son’s genitals not only do not determine his reality, they should not determine yours.

What my son has between his legs is none of your goddamn business. Whether you share a public restroom with him, sit in his classroom, go fishing with him, or play video games with him, his genitals are not your concern. The same can be said about you when he shares a bathroom with you. He doesn’t care what’s between your legs, he’s in there to pee.

Laws concerning bathroom access supposedly meant to protect children are nothing more than discriminatory actions from those who do not understand and do not tolerate differences in others. There was a recent story shared on social media regarding a transgender man and his usage of restrooms. He looks pretty tough, has some facial hair, and seems like a cool guy to have a beer with. I did not read this story wondering what he has between his legs, but I bet you did. His tweet shows the disparity in the laws pretty blatantly.

Another popular social media story making the rounds recently involves a trans woman being told that since she was born a man, she must use the men’s restroom. She is a tall, statuesque, buxom blonde that likes flirting. She’s very forward, and we’ve all known women like that at some point. Do you trust a woman of that sort alone in the public restroom with your husband? Your boyfriend? Your teenage son? She makes no excuses about her behavior, merely points out that if she were allowed to use the women’s restroom, no one would have anything to worry about; but if she is forced to use the men’s… Well, she admits that she’s “that kind of girl.”

Another story I caught in my news feed tells of a man in a women’s locker room who claims to be a transgender woman, but did not dress female, did not appear female, did not act female, and was clearly a deviant intending on abusing the tolerance afforded to transgenders in order to enact his perverted fantasies. These people are out there, and I won’t pretend that they aren’t. But the instances of this happening have not risen alongside the growing tolerance for trans individuals in this country recently. The guys who would use this to access girls’ bathrooms for dishonest means will access those bathrooms anyway, and they will be prosecuted as vigorously as they were before this era of tolerance came about. This story is only newsworthy because it is the exception that proves the rule; I think we can all agree that rapists haven’t been calmly waiting for centuries for this exact loophole to allow their devious plot to finally come to fruition.

The problem comes in when we want to regulate and discriminate the genitals of others, without realizing we are actually creating problems, yet not solving any. When you go into a men’s restroom, do you look around and make sure everyone has a penis? Do you assume that a beard means a penis? I have bad news for you. You’ve occasionally been wrong already.

It doesn’t take much browsing on the internet to discover how wrong you are. When you go into a public restroom, generally speaking, you’re not terribly concerned with the genitals of those around you. Why are you now? Because you don’t understand. And frankly, there’s not much more to it. You want the rules and laws written in such a way that you don’t have to change your mind, or struggle to understand a thing you’ve never grasped before. That’s a little selfish; in much the same way that the Pacific Ocean is a little damp.

A common misconception is that genitals determine gender. But if we will accept that a person’s gender is defined by how they feel, and not the genitals they were born with, then what right have we to tell them what genitals they should have? If you think my son does not possess a penis, does that mean you get to label him what you think he is? Or should he be able to make that determination himself? I’m pretty sure you don’t live inside my son’s head. If you do, get out. That’s creepy.

It is also mentioned to me regularly that if my son does not wish to have a lower sex change operation, then maybe he’s just a gay woman. Again, you don’t live inside my son’s head. I’m pretty sure he knows better what makes him happy than you do. Some trans people don’t get any operations at all. Some get only the top done. Some get only the bottom done. Some get both. Some are in transition, which is a lengthy process, and because of exactly this kind of cultural fear, it is not in any way covered by insurance. That’s right; the harder conservatives make this process, the longer it’ll be before you can tell the “boys” from the “girls.”

Here’s a quick link for those basic questions people always ask, and sometimes shouldn’t…followed by my son’s thoughts on each:

Should you ask about their genitals? Yuck. You don’t ask strangers on the street, don’t ask me. Not your business. You don’t ask two straight people about their junk.

Should you ask about who they used to be? It’s demeaning to the person you really are; who you were in the closet was like a mask, and you don’t want to be reminded of it. The mask is locked away in that closet. Also not your business.

What about their name and pronoun preference? Politely ask. Assumptions are usually wrong for anyone not done transitioning, which destroys self-esteem.

What have you learned growing up trans? Be more accepting, and people are shit.

Can someone showing common decency be that big a deal? Treat me like a human. I’m a human, I deserve basic human rights. I haven’t killed anybody today. I think.

I don’t think he’s asking anything unreasonable, nor are the rest of the LGBT community. The same things that women, African-americans, and minorities of ALL sorts have struggled to gain from the rich oligarchy: They want basic human rights. Health care, in equal measure. To live without shame. To love without shame. Legal rights suitable to an average American person. They just don’t want to be discriminated against.

What is so fucking hard about that?

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The 2 Party Charade Is Over; The Fix Is In and The Internet Never Forgets (OP-ED)

Another progressive has written in and asked me to share their views with the world. This time, Michael Nichols has some VERY interesting thoughts on the rigging of our democracy:

So the big political story yesterday was a chorus of howling by the Democratic faithful over an interview that Susan Sarandon gave to Chris Hayes on MSNBC. “She’s talking about voting for Trump over Hillary!” they howl. I mean, what a horrible human being, right?

Except that she didn’t.

She didn’t say she would vote for Trump if Sanders didn’t get the nod. She didn’t advise others to vote for Trump if Sanders doesn’t get the nod. That’s bullshit, and if you’re repeating that hot garbage, you’re full of bullshit, too.

“Well what about her saying that Trump will bring the revolution?”

Stop that. Cherry-picking is for half-assed religious apologetics and Fox News viewers. This is a bad argument, and I’ll tell you why. If you bother to watch the interview, she is making a case for why a political revolution will happen, for good or for ill. She’s not implying that Trump’s possible presidency would be good in any way. She is simply stating that in stacking the deck against the one honest person in this election, the chance is very real that the Democrats will find themselves hoist by their own petard.

In their deliberate misuse of superdelegates (which were never intended to rig a nomination) they were designed to prevent a non-nomination in case all candidates were unable to shore up the necessary delegates required for a confirmed nomination. That’s why they’re not supposed to factor in until June), the DNC has flown a gigantic middle finger in the face of voters, with the coercive mantra: “Vote blue, no matter who!”

Here’s the thing.

Sarandon made one excellent point about this process; she proclaimed that this election is about choices. But the general election is not the only choice to be made. There are choices being made right now by the elite of the Democratic party that are designed to ensure that after the general election, business will keep rolling right along as usual. Make no mistake: the Democratic party is also guilty of dipping their fingers into the corporate cash bowl. They are equally interested, with few exceptions, in keeping awful legislation like Citizens United as the law of the land. It’s self-preservation. Why would they want to serve the people who vote them in when corporations are people who pay better?

And that is precisely what the majority of Bernie supporters absolutely despise about Clinton, Wasserman-Schultz, and their ilk. They talk a fine game about women’s rights, environmental issues, being anti-war and anti-corruption in politics, but when you examine their voting records, you can spot the corruption all over the place. You can spot the beating of war drums. You can spot the oil stains on their greasy money. And it stinks to high hell.

Don’t get me wrong. I get it. I totally get it. It is imperative that a sorry excuse for humanity like Trump or a feces-worm wearing a human suit like Cruz does not get into the White House. A Trump or Cruz presidency would spell disaster for women, minorities, workers, the LGBTQIA community, people holding faiths (or no faiths at all) other than a certain strain of Christianity, the environment, and anyone with an IQ above 25. It would poison the Supreme Court for decades to come.

The part where the DNC and I disagree is their sense of entitlement to my vote. And that’s the part where other Sanders supporters disagree as well. You can go on and on and on about why it is in the best interests to block people like Trump and Cruz, and I agree with you.

But I also include Clinton in that group.

I won’t deny that Hillary has been a tremendous influence in the American political landscape for at least two decades, and not all of it was for ill. She has done some good as well as some bad. The problem is that I am not entirely convinced that the majority of good she has done wasn’t merely a matter of convenience.

This is not to say that Bernie is perfect. He isn’t. I see the occasional flaw in his records, such as a few of his stances regarding firearms. I can also understand his reasons for taking those stances, and I can respect his decision, even if I disagree with it. I can disagree with his decision and still respect him because I know that his decision wasn’t bought. His decision was based upon his understanding of the law, and for good or ill, he stands by that law. And I stand by him.

So listen up, DNC. It isn’t hard to understand that Bernie was doing the party a favor while gaining an advantage for himself when he registered to run as a Democrat, rather than as an independent. He knew that he would not have gained near the consideration that he has if he didn’t play nice with the two-party charade that has dominated our political circus for generations. That being said, he’s also doing you a solid by giving you an option to return to respectability as a political force. The work that he, along with Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson, has been doing in congress is a necessary inoculation against the corruption that has been seizing the heart of your party. And if you’re going to rig the game so blatantly against the one who’s trying to save you from your own stink, well, I think the point that Sarandon was making is that you’re picking your leaders. But are you, in your hubris, picking Clinton, or are you really disenfranchising that voter base that you claim is so vital to your efforts, and thereby picking Trump?

You need to convince Sanders voters that, should Hillary claim the nomination, she isn’t that candidate that we must hold our nose and vote for anyway. Further, you need to convince us that this is more than a single-issue cause.

Yes, I get that Clinton supports a woman’s right to choose, and that is threatened by every GOP candidate and whatever puppet they put on the SCOTUS bench. I also know that Sanders supports a woman’s right to choose, and he also champions many more causes that I align myself with, like maybe not chasing after more wars in which more of our future generations get to die.

Single-issue voting sucks, single-issue voters suck, and the practice has led to some of the stupidest decisions we have ever made as a nation. Convince us that Hillary isn’t going to be THAT candidate.

You aren’t doing a very good job of it. You need us. We don’t need you.


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