Buckle The Fuck Up; We Have A Truth Bomb

One of my friends shared this and I researched and researched until I found the actual author, LaMonte M. Fowler, because many people are kinda taking credit for it themselves.  That said, buckle the fuck up:

I feel the need to drop a little truth on y’all. So buckle up…I’m about to be politically incorrect. 

We don’t need to take America back. No one stole it. It’s right here…you’re sitting in it. Chillax. 

Mexico isn’t going to pay for the wall and we’re not going to deport millions of people and break up families. If you think either one is a good idea, you’re not smart and probably not a person I want to hang out with.

We don’t live in a democracy. Technically we are a Federal Republic. But in reality we are ruled by an oligarchy. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. Reading will do you good. You probably need to do more of it.  

FoxNews, CNN, and MSNBC have an agenda and are not “fair and balanced” or in any way unbiased. I’ll reiterate…read more. Read newspapers (even online ones). Read lots of opinions and sources and then (stay with me here), THINK! Form your own opinion based on as many facts as your can brain can tolerate.  

Speaking of facts…there actually is a difference between facts, opinions, and propaganda. You should learn the difference. (Another opportunity to show off your mad reading skills.) 

Science is real. We know things because of science. Don’t be afraid of it. You have an iPhone and Facebook because of science. It’s your friend.  

Global warming or “climate change” as the cool kids call it IS REAL. Anyone who tells you it’s not real is not a smart person and probably should not be dressing themselves or caring for children.  

Racism exists. And you are probably a little racist and should work on that. Seriously.  

American Christians are not under attack. We are not being persecuted. We wield so much power in this country that politicians pretend to be Christian just so we will vote for them. No one is trying to take your bible away from you. The gay people are not destroying our families—we don’t need any help from them, thank you. We do a fine job of that by ourselves. So stop saying we are persecuted. You sound stupid.  

Poor people need help. If you’re not helping them but complaining about how the government helps them with your money you are not a nice person.  

Be nice to the people who teach your children. Don’t send them nasty emails or yell at them. Their job is 10,000 times harder than your stupid job. You are not a professional educator so just shut your mouth and be thankful someone is willing to teach your offspring.  

You don’t know what Common Core is. You think you do, but you don’t unless you’re a teacher. So stop complaining about math problem memes on Facebook. You can’t do the math anyway.  

ISIS is not an existential threat to the United States. We do not need to rebuild our military. Our military is the strongest, scariest, most badass killing machine the world has ever seen. So stop being afraid and stop letting politicians and pundits scare you.


Guns do in fact kill people. That’s what they are designed to do. If you feel you need a gun to protect yourself in America, you are probably living in the wrong neighborhood and should move before you go out and buy a gun. There are like a billion places to live where you won’t need a gun, or even need to lock your front door.  

If you do own a gun, then make sure you know how to use it really, really, really well. Seriously…get some training because you still don’t know how to record stuff with your DVR. Go to the gun range and shoot the thing a lot. Learn how to clean it properly and be able to disassemble it and reassemble it with your eyes closed. It’s a freaking gun and it deserves that level of care, proficiency and respect. And for God’s sake, keep it locked up and away from your kids.  

If you are even a little bit crazy, sad, or pissed off…you shouldn’t have a gun. And the Founding Fathers would totally agree with me.  

Stop being suspicious of American Muslims. I guarantee the guy sitting next to you in the cubicle at work is probably more of a threat to you than any Muslim. He has to listen to your uninformed ranting day after day and has probably already imagined very colorful and creative ways to end you.  

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and all the rest are ENTERTAINERS! Stop getting your opinions from them. (Here’s where that reading thing can really be an advantage.)  

Stop sharing Facebook memes that tell me to share or else Jesus won’t bless me with a laundry basket full of cash. That’s not how prayer works. And I don’t want money delivered (even from God) in a laundry basket. Nobody ever washes those things out and they just keep putting nasty dirty clothes in them. Yuck!  

We are the United States of America and we can afford to house every homeless veteran, feed every child, and take in every refugee and still have money left over for Starbucks and a bucket of KFC.  

Unless you can trace your family line back to someone who made deerskin pants look stylish and could field dress a buffalo, you are a descendent of an immigrant. Please stop saying that immigrants are ruining our country. Such comments are like a giant verbal burrito stuffed with historical ignorance, latent racism, and xenophobia all wrapped in a fascist tortilla.  

That’s all for now. I feel better.  


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Open Letter To Conservatives, Traditionalists, War Hawks and Ignoramuses

Once again, my friend The Devout Atheist has some thoughts that he’d like to share with the world. You might remember some of his previous thoughts on Bernie Sanders and Massacre Prevention Legislation. As usual, a good read :


An open letter to conservatives, traditionalists, Republicans, war hawks, people that don’t follow politics but think they should comment on economic policies, Tea Party morons, Libertarians, regressives, and anyone that makes less than $250,000 per year but still thinks socialism will ruin this country:

You hate on homosexuals because the Bible tells you to. Except that it doesn’t, and it also tells you not to eat shellfish or wear blended clothing. So you’re cherry picking, and being a hypocrite while you do it.

You hate on abortion because you claim you’re protecting the life of the child, and you hate on transgenders using public restrooms because you claim you’re protecting the safety of the child. Except that you aren’t. You vote against gun control, and don’t care how many children die, as long as you get to keep your assault rifle. You also cut funding to education and child health care.

You say you are standing against a war on religion. Except that you aren’t. There is an actual war on the Muslim religion right now, and you not only don’t give a shit about that war, you’re fighting on the wrong side of it. Christians in this country are far more dangerous, but they’re mostly white, so it’s cool.

You say you want to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall to keep them out, because you want to keep this country safe, and they’re taking your jobs. Except that you don’t. You like fighting wars over oil and creating insurgents and rebellions everywhere you go. Also, if your boss gives your job to an immigrant for less money, maybe the problem is that your boss doesn’t give a fuck.

You say you’re against political correctness, and people that have thin skin. Except that you aren’t. You have every intention of forcing Christianity down the throats of everyone who doesn’t want it, demanding that it be the official religion of our country, despite the fact that our forefathers specifically forbade it. Then you delicate flowers desperately need your religion handled with kid gloves, because “Season’s Greetings” is some kind of affront to Christmas (which is a pagan holiday anyway, but your ignorance blocks those kinds of facts).

You say you’re against regulation of the environment to protect against climate change. Except that you don’t. You’re still debating global warming with a snowball, because Exxon and Shell give oil money to your “representatives.”

You say you want fiscal responsibility, and you want to control government spending. Except that you don’t. You believe rich people shouldn’t have to pay any taxes, while the poor pay all of the taxes. You are also fully in favor of spending more than half of our annual budget on bombs, bullets, and weapons of war, having completely neglected the cost/benefit analysis of such endeavors.

You say you want to repeal the Affordable Care Act because it’s a disaster. Except that you don’t. And it’s not. You just want to spite the black guy in the Oval Office, even though you undoubtedly know more people that benefited from the ACA than you do people hurt by it. Plus, you don’t vote for people that give a shit about health care.

You say that socialism is the worst idea ever. Except it’s not. You’re basing your opinions on McCarthyism, Cold War propaganda, and the Red Threat. You already live in a socialist democracy, and your life is immeasurably better thanks to the socialist policies this country has instituted. If you don’t believe this fact, the problem is your ignorance.

You are fucking hypocrites, and you’re too fucking stupid to realize it.

You just want to get your way all the time.

Tough fucking shit. You share this planet with others.




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Tulsi Gabbard: "Bernie Sanders Understands The True Cost Of War" (VIDEO)

Tulsi Gabbard is a member of the United States House of Representatives for the second district of the State of Hawai’i. She also served for 12 months in the Iraq War and is currently an active member of the Hawaiian National Guard.

She was also, until recently, Vice Chair of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) but after butting heads with DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she stepped down to endorse Bernie Sanders for President, saying at the time, “As a vice chair of the D.N.C., I am required to stay neutral in democratic primaries, but I cannot remain neutral any longer. The stakes are just too high. That’s why today I’m endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders to be our next president and commander in chief of the United States.”

Yesterday she released a video in advance of Hawai’i State Caucus which takes place this Saturday, March 26. The full video is below this excerpt:

Bernie Sanders voted against the Iraq War. He understand the cost of war. That that cost continues when our Veterans come home.

Bernie Sanders will defend our country and take the trillions of dollars that are spent on these interventionist, regime changing, unnecessary wars and invest it here at home.

The American people are not looking to settle for inches. They are looking for real change.

What I saw in Bernie was a heart of Aloha. No matter who you are or where you come from in this country, we are all in this together.

WATCH the whole thing here:

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John Oliver Weighs In On Donald Trump's Tiny Penis (VIDEO)

John Oliver dedicated another show to Donald Trump, but this time, like so many others we focus on Donald Trump’s penis and “tiny hamster-sized fists.”

John Oliver says, “That’s right, Donald Trump just talked about his dick in a Presidential debate. A dick, which I presume, looks like a Cheeto with the cheese dust rubbed off.”

He then seques, and I kid you not, to Morgan Fairchild reading a snippet of the audio version of Ivanka Trump’s “For Love Alone”…  and you might want to grab a little barf bag for that part.

John Oliver then points out that Donald Trump wouldn’t be the first President that left “jizz all over” his girlfriend’s clothes.


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GOP Is Rallying Around Ted "Kill The Gays" Cruz; Time For A Closer Look (VIDEOS)

There is a lot to dislike about Ted Cruz. Let’s start with his association with Kevin Swanson, who on live video, advocating killing homosexuals and even pronounced that he was willing to go to jail for adhering “to the word of Christ” at the 2015 National Religious Liberties Conference.  Featured speakers at the event included then-Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz’s father. (in 2013 Rafael Cruz attendees of the Family Leadership Summit that same-sex marriage was government plot to destroy the family.)

Kevin Swanson, after making the declaration that all homosexuals should be killed, introduced Ted Cruz as America’s next President. Cruz later denied knowing anything about that.

WATCH here:

Now let’s move on to Ted Cruz’s support of Kentucky Court Clerk Kim Davis, who refused to sign same sex marriage licenses, because religious freedom!!

While Mike Huckabee tried to steal all the “limelight” in an attempt to win the crazy right wing nut job evangelical vote, Ted Cruz managed to muscle into a few frames of video. (which there are plenty of to choose from.)

WATCH Ted get Huckabee-blocked here:

Let’s also remember that Ted Cruz is endorsed by Domestic Terrorists that bomb family planning clinics. Ted Cruz is very proud of this endorsement and supports them wholeheartedly.

WATCH here:

Ted Cruz also hates muslims.  He claims they all want to kill us and that killing them isn’t murder because killing them is defending ourselves. He said that he wants to “carpet bomb them into oblivion” until the “sand glows”.

WATCH here:
And let’s not forget that Ted Cruz is a climate change denier. Not matter how many facts he is presented with.

WATCH here:

It’s worth  noting that Ted Cruz gets a ZERO rating from Disabled American Veterans. And while he himself has never served, he is on the Armed Services Committee,  yet doesn’t show up for the hearings.

While Cruz enjoys ZERO ratings almost across the board on Foreign Affairs he is on the Emerging Threats and Capabilities Committee. He also has very low ratings on the environment (even being called unfit to run because of his views) but he is on several committees that oversee science, space, oceans, atmosphere, etc.

Today, in closing, let’s not forget that Ted Cruz is a liar.

Which brings us to the question, who is worse Donald Trump or Ted Cruz?

Anything that anyone cares to add to this?


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Musical Parody Of Bill Clinton: "I Let An Intern Go Down On Me" (VIDEO)

Guess I lied
And left a stain upon a blue dress
My advisor
Said I’d never testify
I had desire
So Monica knelt before me
Wouldn’t you?
Hell, have you seen my wife?

I let an intern go down on me
I’d been around the world dispensing Presidential seed
I walked the halls of power with my pants
Around my knees

And I’m losing everything
Because I let an intern go down on me.

WATCH as this is interspersed with Bill’s speech:

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Trump Releases "Attack" Ad On Romney–Which Makes Romney Look GREAT (VIDEO)

As if this campaign couldn’t get any crazier, Trump–who endorsed Romney when he was running–has released an “attack” ad on Mitt Romney, supposedly to make him look bad, highlighting Romney’s stance on things like a woman’s right to choose, universal health care, climate change, etc.

It makes Mitt Romney look totally reasonable and makes the case for a brokered convention.

How are we supposed to take candidates–other than Bernie Sanders–seriously?

WATCH the “attack” ad here:

And just in case you want to watch Mitt insult Trump–and you do–here is the full video:

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