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Bernie Sanders Supporters Aren't Buying What Hillary's Selling–No Matter What Bernie Says

On September 21, 2016 Bernie Sanders posted this article, with this introduction: People immediately started commenting, and it doesn’t look good for Hillary. She has a history and these people have done their homework. Nothing can change what’s already been … Continue reading

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Unofficial Bernie Sanders Anthem Going Viral "Fire Is Ours" (VIDEO)

A Hawai’ian born artist, Makana, has written and performed a moving tribute to presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. The lyrics, posted in full below the video, are emotional and honest and–I think–capture the way many, if not most, voters feel today. … Continue reading

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Social Media Says "President Sanders" (VIDEO and IMAGES)

Chuck Todd meets with Daniel Seaver at Google News Labs after the Democratic Debate on Sunday. Daniel doesn’t seem surprised what sort of response Bernie is eliciting, but Chuck certainly does. Not only were viewers of the debate researching Bernie the person, … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Finally #FeelTheBern, Decides He CAN Win (VIDEO)

Mika Brzezinski asks Howard Dean, “Howard, why are you chuckling?” Howard responds, “Because I’ve seen this for 40 years.” Mika, “Whaaaaaaaaaat?” Howard, “People underestimate him.” Mika, “That’s right.” Howard, “He has an incredibly powerful message. He actually… I remember in my … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders On Racism And Discrimination (VIDEO)

During Bernie Sanders’ townhall meeting in Fairfax, Virginia, a young woman stood up to speak and ask Bernie Sanders what his views are on racism and discrimination. (Always, always, always fighting for the underdog and the less fortunate.) This video almost … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Over The Years On The Issues (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders released a video of himself over the years on the issues which clearly illustrates his solid consistency. History shows that he is unwavering in his fight to support the poor and the middle class. Apparently, the Republicans aren’t … Continue reading

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If Presidential Candidates Were Judged By How Popular Their Websites Are…

If a presidential candidate’s campaign/donation website URL’s popularity is any indication of their likelihood to be elected, then their Alexa.com rankings tell an interesting story. I included my own URL just for comparison’s sake since I’m just a girl with … Continue reading

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