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Ezell Ford, Unarmed Black Man, Killed By Police: Autopsy Released.

In addition to Mike Brown, John Crawford III, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Justin Baker and Antonio Martin—to name only a mere few–we can now add from Southern California to the growing list of young black man being killed by police while … Continue reading

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Redditt Hudson is a former St. Louis County police officer.  He states that he ultimately had to leave the force because he “became so profoundly disillusioned with the criminal justice system in the United States and the behavior of some … Continue reading

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This Earth So Full Of Color ~ by Patricia Collins

  What a world it would be If we could live happily On this Earth so full of color We showed respect to our sister and brother No black or white or shades of grey Where love prevailed over hate … Continue reading

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St. Louis, MO Grand Jury Leaning Towards Letting Darren Wilson Get Away With Murder Of Mike Brown… Because Uncovering The Truth Is Hard

Shaun King describes himself on Twitter as “Family Man; Author; Activist; Entrepreneur; Teacher; Fighter; Mountaineer; Organizer; Web Developer; Soccer Coach; Writer @DailyKos TIPS: shaun@dailykos.com”.  He has made it his mission to follow the murder of Michael Brown, by police officer … Continue reading

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