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Bernie Sanders Supporters Aren't Buying What Hillary's Selling–No Matter What Bernie Says

On September 21, 2016 Bernie Sanders posted this article, with this introduction: People immediately started commenting, and it doesn’t look good for Hillary. She has a history and these people have done their homework. Nothing can change what’s already been … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews Admits On LIVE TV That Nomination Will Be Called For Hillary Before Votes Are In (VIDEO)

Shocking! Or maybe we shouldn’t be shocked at all. The obvious bias, voter and election fraud and blatant lies this campaign cycle should have eliminated any ability to surprise even the most callous of us.¬† However, another day is upon … Continue reading

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Bernie Gets Popular Vote; Hillary Gets Delegates, Because Establishment

The system is rigged, and Bernie rails against it. In another sign of how rigged the system is Bernie Sanders garnered 49.57% of the popular vote (695 votes) in Iowa, versus Hillary Clinton’s 49.86% of the vote (699 votes)–according to … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Admits That We Created Al Qaeda ( VIDEO)

Fox’s Greta Van Susteren interviews then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, where in she admits that we created, trained, armed and then walked away from Al Qaeda, the parent organization of ISIS–both of whom we are now fighting against today. Similar … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Over The Years On The Issues (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders released a video of himself over the years on the issues which clearly illustrates his solid consistency. History shows that he is unwavering in his fight to support the poor and the middle class. Apparently, the Republicans aren’t … Continue reading

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If Presidential Candidates Were Judged By How Popular Their Websites Are…

If a presidential candidate’s campaign/donation website URL’s popularity is any indication of their likelihood to be elected, then their Alexa.com rankings tell an interesting story. I included my own URL just for comparison’s sake since I’m just a girl with … Continue reading

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Dude Wants To Know WTF Politicians Are Going To Do For The People (VIDEO)

Kyle Kulinski is pissed off.¬†Here he discusses, with great vigor, why he doesn’t like Hillary Clinton or her campaign ads. He wants to know what she is going to do for American people. How is she going to deal with … Continue reading

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