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PROOF That U.S. Fears Of ISIS Are Irrational (FACTS and VIDEO)

Last week a friend and I were discussing what was the single most pressing issue of our present day. (And I asked this again on my facebook page.)¬†Surprisingly, he felt that terrorism was and, even more surprisingly, he was concerned … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Admits That We Created Al Qaeda ( VIDEO)

Fox’s Greta Van Susteren interviews then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, where in she admits that we created, trained, armed and then walked away from Al Qaeda, the parent organization of ISIS–both of whom we are now fighting against today. Similar … Continue reading

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USMC Vet and Union Firefighter Wants An Apology From Scott Walker

Sam Yackel wants an apology from Scott Walker for Walker’s remarks comparing Wisconsin protesters to ISIS. Sam Yackel is a Wisconsin Union Fire Fighter and Marine Corps Veteran, serving in Iraq in 2004 and 2005.¬† Yackel also participated in the … Continue reading

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