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The 2 Party Charade Is Over; The Fix Is In and The Internet Never Forgets (OP-ED)

Another progressive has written in and asked me to share their views with the world. This time, Michael Nichols has some VERY interesting thoughts on the rigging of our democracy: So the big political story yesterday was a chorus of … Continue reading

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Open Letter To Conservatives, Traditionalists, War Hawks and Ignoramuses

Once again, my friend The Devout Atheist has some thoughts that he’d like to share with the world. You might remember some of his previous thoughts on Bernie Sanders and Massacre Prevention Legislation. As usual, a good read :   An … Continue reading

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GOP Is Rallying Around Ted "Kill The Gays" Cruz; Time For A Closer Look (VIDEOS)

There is a lot to dislike about Ted Cruz. Let’s start with his association with Kevin Swanson, who on live video, advocating killing homosexuals and even pronounced that he was willing to go to jail for adhering “to the word … Continue reading

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Last Night's Debate Left Me Feeling Ill

Last night as I was waiting for the main debate to air, and then watching it unfold,  it occurred to me that much of the divisiveness in this country is because of the way that politics and politicians are portrayed. Our … Continue reading

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